It's not just a bar... It's a way of life. We stay out all night and sleep during the day. That's the life we chose and thats the life we love.
- 22 crew -

Our story

There had to be a different kind of bar in this little city.
A bar where one could have a good quality premium liqour or a well shaked cocktail.
A bar where one could enjoy themselves without any disruption of the outside world.
A bar where you could truly forget time & place...
And thus... The Secret Story Of 22 was created.

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Every month there is another event for y'all folks! These events are mostly collaberations with local party legends like PnB because we strongly believe that everybody has there own talent and skill, and it so happen to be that they're talent and skill is throwing the sickest party's! For collabs you can contact us.

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